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Homework Hero Migration

Welcome Homework Hero Schools and Users!

Attention HomeworkHero Schools:
Some Homework Hero school information / contacts did not get entered from the migration correctly or was missing from the migration database. If you have not received your school login/account information, please use CLICK HERE to contact us to create a school wide trial for you.

What's Going On?

At the end of this school year, Homework Hero is ending its operations. The site will close shortly after current subscriptions expire on June 30, 2012. As a service to its customers, Homework Hero has arranged for its subscriber service to continue with HomeworkNOW.com, a leading school to home communication used by thousands of schools worldwide.  School and user accounts will be migrated to the HomeworkNOW.com communication platform.

HomeworkNOW.com has agreed to permit Homework Hero users to use the new accounts free of charge until November 1, 2012. After that time, users/schools will have to determine whether or not they wish to continue service by purchasing a year subscription to the HomeworkNOW service.

How is HomeworkNOW.com different than Homework Hero?

HomeworkNOW.com offers significant improvements and greater functionality over Homework Hero.  In addition to a web browser, students and parents can stay connected to your schools/classes alerts/information also through email, text messages, and apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Facebook. The service also features a Powerschool integration for those schools who use Powerschool.

With HomeworkNOW.com, school admins may post school alerts (such as closings and emergencies) and back pack notices. Teachers may post homework, classroom activities, and more. PTA/PTO’s may post meeting notes, important dates and more. The solution also fully integrates with a school’s existing web site and student information system. Click here to download the HomeworkNOW.com service datasheet/brochure.

HomeworkNOW.com is always improving.  For example, next year, HomeworkNOW.com is releasing as part of the service a parent/teacher conference scheduler to help teachers/schools better manage parent/teacher events and meetings. We are continuously adding more features to the HomeworkNOW service to better server our schools/teachers/

When should I receive my login information from HomeworkNOW.com?

If you have not received your school login/account information, please use CLICK HERE to contact us to create a school wide trial for you.

Will all my data be transferred?

While your accounts and page names will be created for you, your page content will not.

Can I start to use HomeworkNOW right away and let my students/parents/school know?


How Long Can I use/try it?

You can use the service free of charge until November 1, 2012. After that time, you may stop using the service, or choose to purchase a subscription to HomeworkNOW.

If we decide to keep it, how much does it cost?

With its vast array of features, HomeworkNOW is the most affordable, ad free, school to home communication solution on the market today.  HomeworkNOW offers a couple different account types: Teacher Accounts (for individual teachers whose school is not using HomeworkNOW.com) and School Wide Accounts (unlimited teacher accounts for a school, as well as all school wide alerting and back pack notice features). The cost for a Teacher Account is $39/year, while a schoolwide account is list price at $395/year for Elementary and Small sized schools, and $595/year for Middle and High Schools.  Again the school wide account includes unlimited teacher accounts.

If you have any questions about the migration/transfer of service, please contact us today. We at HomeworkNOW.com look forward to serving you and your school!